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Terms and Conditions

To qualify for our book review services, you must agree to the following terms and guidelines:

"I am the publisher or author of the submitted title and understand that the services I am being offered are for review of my titles by a third-party reviewer, BYE Publishing Services. I acknowledge and state herewith that I have read and understand the book review guidelines, and the book review services to be provided by BYE Publishing Services, and that I accept the terms stated therein, and that my title meets all the requirements listed in the guidelines.

I agree to hold harmless BYE Publishing Services and its representatives from any legal matters related hereto their review of my titles. This includes any disagreements that I might have regarding the interpretation of the reviews of my titles as being either favorable or unfavorable, or any challenges by public or private entities regarding the accuracy of the information in my title, and any subsequent legal proceedings resulting from these challenges or to my legal rights to publish the title.

I understand and acknowledge herewith that I agree to these guidelines."


  1. You must be an independent publisher or a self-published author.
  2. You must agree to BYE Publishing Services' terms and conditions for reviewing each title.
  3. Titles submitted for review must be a finished book that is available for sale to booksellers.
  4. Titles must adhere to acceptable book publishing standards, which require:
    1. ISBN 13 digit barcode, printed on cover for scanning by booksellers.
    2. Quality paperback book that has been edited for grammar, typographical errors, and formatted for readability, etc.
    3. Price printed on book cover.
    4. Copyright page.
  5. No titles will be accepted for review that include pornographic, sexually explicit, bondage or otherwise questionable photographs or language.
  6. Publishers and authors understand and agree that the reviews of their titles might be interpreted as favorable or unfavorable.
  7. Publishers and authors are responsible for shipping costs of their titles to the book reviewer. Titles will not be returned to publishers and authors after they have been reviewed.
  8. Publishers and authors agree that all reviews are final.
  9. Publishers and authors understand and agree they are required to provide BYE Publishing Services with appropriate electronic photographs of book covers for display on web site.
  10. Publishers and authors understand and agree that the review of their titles will take 4-6 weeks.





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