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We provide book reviews of titles published by small, independent publishers who desire to sell their books to public and school libraries. These reviews are designed to provide publishers and authors with qualified reviews that meet the review criteria acceptable to public and school libraries.

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Qualified publishers and authors will receive the following book review services:

  1. A qualified and professional reviewer will review titles with the expertise in the subject area of the titles.
  2. Publishers and authors will be provided a certified copy of each review and authorization to use the review to market and sell their books to booksellers and libraries.
  3. Reviewers will not provide publishers and authors with any editing services on their titles. If requested by publishers and authors, any grammatical errors noted during the review will be provided separate from the review.
  4. Reviewed titles will be listed on the MKA website and available for review by public librarians and schools (k-12) librarians.
  5. Reviewed titles will be marketed to local independent newspapers for publication of the reviews. (MKA does not guarantee that the newspapers will publish the book reviews.)

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If your book does not meet the required guidelines for submission, we can help. MKA is proud to introduce our new book development consulting services for those authors and writers who need assistance with getting their books ready to publish. We provide writers and authors with the following consulting services:

  • Editing
  • Typesetting and Formating Text
  • Cover Design
  • Book Publishing Requirements

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