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Seeds from the Ashes
TITLE: Seeds from the Ashes
AUTHOR: Malcolm Kelly
PRICE: $16.95, 232ppgs. (2007)
GENRE: Self-Help, Metaphysical

Seeds from the Ashes is a bold, creative book written by an insightful author, Malcolm Kelly. He uses metaphysical prowess to describe how it feels to reach a low point in your life and then experience a miraculous transformation.

This book is life’s melody and when you read it, you don’t want to stop singing the tunes of personal change. The words flow throughout the book in a metaphysical bliss, undeterred by the complex emotional issues lurking beneath the surface of our lives. This allows you to read the detailed self-help instructions without feeling trapped in a miasma of tedious reading like so many “how to” books.

I thought the information was well organized and written in a style that made it easy to read. It was enjoyable to read the unique way the author integrates metaphysical teachings into real-life experiences. I like the way the book begins with the traditional self-help instructions and then goes into the anecdotes, which bring you back to the self-help instructions. This was literally an eye opener, or more appropriately, a mind opener.

The author uses anecdotes to tell metaphysical stories with thought-provoking results. The anecdotes are used to help you with visualizing what you’re thinking when you pray or meditate. This helped me to understand—even though I had to think about it for a while—that when I prayed, the prayer was occurring in my mind.

If you are struggling to overcome a personal problem with a friend, spouse or relative, or someone on your job, you will find this book helpful.

This book is for upper-level high school students, faculty, and college students.

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