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Let There Be Life
TITLE: Let There Be Life
AUTHOR: Malcolm Kelly
PRICE: $17.95, 291ppgs, (2001)
GENRE: Self-Help—Adult—Metaphysical

Let There Be Life is a breakthrough metaphysical, self-help book for anyone who wants to learn, or is interested in this subject. Malcolm Kelly is a talented metaphysical writer, who approaches the subject from an African American perspective, and writes it with homely anecdotes that achieve thought-provoking results.

I found the storytelling to be superb, almost to the point that readers might focus more on the stories than the metaphysical insights. This is particularly true when reading the last chapter where he writes about communicating without sounds.

I thought the use of GAP consciousness to describe a stage of spiritual growth was a creative way to illustrate a higher level of consciousness. This is particularly valuable to newcomers, because it shows how other enlightened individuals achieved this level of awareness.

The cultural implications in the book for African Americans are overwhelming. Most books shy away from the colorful language used by the characters in this book; however, I found it to be refreshing. I got a vivid, sort of visceral, feeling about how blacks lived and talked among themselves. The realness of the dialogue keeps it tied to the cultural evolution of black history.

The bold, breakthrough, soliloquies with the seven lights of empowerment were major departures from traditional metaphysical and self-help books. While this approach to the subject is different, it is the same message: we are responsible for our lives; how we live them; where we live them; and how we perceive ourselves in the world.

This is the book to read if you are searching for answers to help you understand why many individuals are willing to remain as victims rather than rely on themselves to change the way they live.

This book is recommend for adults, college students, and teachers with an interest in understanding African-Americans' spiritual development in this country.

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